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Greg CocharaVice President, Sales and Marketing

Greg Cochara has more than 12 years of wide-ranging, transformational leadership experience in sales, marketing, finance, operations, consulting, and analytics. He played key roles at both Fortune 500 and smaller, boutique organizations, and across a variety of industries, including enterprise software, financial services, management consulting services, and digital media. Unifying his diverse career is a consistent track record of championing automation that standardizes and optimizes processes, increases efficiency, and improves effectiveness.

Greg is also a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School in its Data Science for Business course. In addition, he has guest lectured at the University of Illinois-Chicago and has spoken at numerous marketing and analytics innovation conferences nationwide.

Prior to Napersoft, Greg served as the Vice President of Revenue Operations & Intelligence for Fusion Media Group – a media portfolio of 13 publishers, including Gizmodo and The Onion, that reaches over 100 million readers per month. In that role, he led sales operations, advertising operations, advertising analytics, business intelligence, and sales finance. During his tenure with The Onion, Greg additionally served as the company’s Head of Finance and Head of Analytics, and helped facilitate the company's sale to Univision.

Greg also spent 3 years at IBM, where he was 1 of 4 MBAs chosen annually to participate in its financial leadership development program. Prior to receiving his MBA, he spent 3 years in management consulting at Accenture.

Greg received his MBA from the University of Notre Dame in 2010, with concentrations in both analytics and finance. He also attended Notre Dame for his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, where he double majored in finance and Japanese.