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For more than 25 years, Napersoft has been a leading provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions. Napersoft CCM solutions are designed to holistically manage customer communications across all lines-of-business within an enterprise.  Our solutions empower business users to quickly and easily compose, format and deliver relevant and personalized customer communications at the right time in customer-preferred channels, helping to enrich the overall customer experience.

Napersoft CCM Document Platform

Napersoft CCM Document Platform 7 is our latest distributed platform solution.  It was developed for today’s wired world and offers browser-based computing with many new and advanced features.

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Napersoft CCM Document Platform Process

Napersoft CCM Document Platform automates the creation and distribution of all types of customer documents such as letters, correspondence, policies, agreements, statements, explanation of benefits (EOBs), and other forms of personalized documentation.

The process begins with template authoring. A business user can quickly and easily create document templates with Napersoft CCM Author, built on Microsoft® Word technology. The use of pre-approved document templates and content facilitates brand consistency, reduces errors and improves standardization, simplifying the document generation process.

Napersoft CCM provides an open integration to your data and other business applications such as existing CRM, ERP, ECM and legacy systems. With automated business processes, Napersoft CCM applies business rules and merges customer data, paragraphs and images into documents according to the template design.

Napersoft CCM distributes the documents based on each customer's individual preference - print, e-mail, fax, the Web, and/or other formats.

Napersoft zCCM Document Platform

Napersoft zCCM Document Platform 5.2 is our Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution for z/OS computers. Napersoft zCCM is a time-tested solution that provides a stable and secure platform for critical, high-transaction volume, high-availability applications. For companies needing a mainframe-based solution, Napersoft zCCM is the solution of choice. Contact Us to learn more.